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“I saw an awful lot of doctors for my migraines, sinus headaches, pain in my ears, eyes, throat, and face, but no one got to the bottom of it until my ear, nose, and throat specialist, psychologist, and mother referred me here. Everyone here is really nice. I live very far away but it’s worth the trips.” - Zaquina Z.


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How We Can Help to Eliminate Your Ear and Eye Pain and Sinus Headaches

What could be worse than having terrible ear pain (or a clogged sensation), eye pain, or sinus headaches only to be told by your physician, an eye doctor, or an ear, nose and throat specialist, that, “There’s nothing wrong.” For over three decades, patients have come to us with these complaints, and as you can see from our patients’ comments, we successfully eliminate these conditions as a matter of routine.

No doubt you are wondering how we have eliminated these problems even in cases where excellent ear or eye specialists or other physicians have not. The answer is very simple. In each of these cases, the discomfort was felt in the ear, the eye, or the sinus areas but was actually coming from someplace else. This is called “referred pain”, which is pain which comes from one place but is felt in another.

Pain felt in the left arm during a heart attack is the best known referred pain. If someone has pain in this arm, his or her physician must consider whether it is the result of a heart attack. On the other hand, it is not necessary to consider a heart attack as the source if the patient complains of pain in the right leg or even the right arm.

In fact, when injured, every muscle, joint and ligament in the body has the potential to “refer” pain to other sites. There are numerous structures which refer to the eye and sinuses, and eighteen external pterygoid, or sternocleidomastoid (when in spasm this muscle can also cause dizziness), as well as the stylomandibular ligament, temporomandibular joint, low grade but painful infections in the jaw, etc.

When patients report these problems and their ear or eye physicians cannot find the cause, our job is to find which structures are at fault, assist the patient to heal and discharge them pain free.

As you can see from our patients’ comments, we successfully eliminate sinus, eye, and ear pain as well as ear pressure - but only if there is nothing wrong with the sinus, ears, or eyes. If these are problems which you frequently experience, and your physician or appropriate specialists have not found the cause, we would be honored to have the opportunity to assist you.

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