Treating Ear Pain and Pressure

Elimination Of Ear Pain, Ear Pain, & Related Symptoms

In most cases, the cause of earaches, or a pressure sensation (like the ear discomfort we feel in the mountains or when descending in an airplane) is a problem in the ear such as an infection. These commonly resolve with antibiotics or other treatments provided by family physicians and ear, nose, and throat specialists.

Click here for information on the successful treatment of ear pain and pressure which persists in cases when ear doctors cannot find anything wrong.


“Headaches, earaches, and pressure in my ears were a real show stopper. I had to lie down in a dark room but I couldn’t even sleep. It came to the point that I didn’t have a life. Now I’m back to work and feel like a new person. I feel great – and that’s coming from a really stubborn person who didn’t believe that treatment could help. I was ready to give up and live with the pain. I don’t know why I waited, given the fact that Dr. Klemons cured my wife 15 years ago.- Ernest V.

P.S. The RF procedure was unbelievable. Things I didn’t even realize were problems are gone like sensitivity to light, and I sleep great for the first time in years. It’s hard for me to imagine I was that bad for so long. I thank Dr. Klemons big time.”

 NayanabenD308  “My ear was constantly clogged for almost a year and a half. Most of the time it was driving me crazy until Dr. Klemons did a Trigeminal Pharyngoplasty for me. Now my ear is completely clear and normal. I’m a very impatient person, but didn’t mind coming here because everyone from the receptionist to the doctors and nurses have been so nice to me.” – Nayanaben D.

Note: Other procedures were necessary prior to the trigeminal pharyngoplasty to which this patient referred.

“I came to Dr. Klemons’ office with terrible headaches, earaches, numbness in my face and jaw aches. After treatment from him and his wonderful staff, I now feel 100% better. They gave me a lot of support, care and attention. I am happy to be back to normal, but will miss coming here. Thank you for all your help.” – Katarina H.


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